Under normal conditions of use the battery of the current version of the Ear-Tag Caravan Tech lasts approximately 4 years. Extreme cold or hot conditions will affect battery lifespan

The components that enable monitoring are a GPS, a motion sensor, an external temperature sensor, an edge intelligence processor, a two-way communications system, and a solar panel that enables battery recharging.

It does not yet have a certification. in the certification

The Caravan Tech Caravan is designed for grazing areas, trees and bushes, this requires a fastening systems that ensures 99% retention in this conditions

The Ear Tag and the Bolus, have a warranty for manufacturing defects, it does not include misuse, incorrect installation or the violation of the devices original structure

Under normal conditions of use, the battery can last more than 4 years.

Following manual specification, we achieved  99% retention

Yes, there is no problem with the use of other boluses simultaneously.

The Bolus reposts Internal temperature, intake dynamics, animal activity and key events, Such as lack of movement among others.

The owner of the information is the contracting party of the service, Caravan Tech only has access to the general information of the animals, not to the identification of the animals. This allows Caravan Tech to continue feeding its algorithms and perfecting the use of the tool without affecting the privacy of the client or its related animals.

In feedlot situations, the use of the caravan is not necessary, we have nodes (a device that is placed in the pens that allow a reading of the pins with a range of 250 meters or 273 yards as long as when the placement instructions have been followed correctly).

    • The connectivity between the Bolo and the Caravan is the method to be used to be able to receive the information transmitted by the Bolus over long distances. Devices must be synced from Software once placed. To perform the synchronization, the caravan ID and the bolus ID must be completed on the same animal data sheet. A caravan is restricted to receive information from only 1 Bolus

Yes, the devices continue to work and report but their signal may be affected. Reducing the total distance between devices and antenna/gateway.

LoRaWAN networks are wireless networks Under ideal conditions Communication distances up to 15 km or 9 miles radius from the antenna are achieved.

In the conditions recommended by Caravan Tech for the gateway installation, the following SF (Spreading Factor) may be experienced followed by the typical distance to the Gateway (with line of sight) “Km” followed by the average probability of arrival of the

    • SF1 messages – <1Km – 98%
    • SF2 – 2 Km – 97%
    • SF3 – 3 Km – 96%
    • SF4 – 4 Km – 94%
    • SF5 – 5 Km – 93%
    • SF6 – 7-8Km – 92%
    • SF7 – 9-10Km – 89%
    • SF8 – 10-11Km – 86%
    • SF9 – 12-13Km – 85%
    • SF10 – >13km – <85%

What is the SF (Spreading Factor) and why is it relevant to my devices?

The SF is a mechanism that has the modulation that LORAWan uses to achieve great penetration despite interference or obstacles. It is selected intelligently (in conjunction with the Network Server and the Gateways) to reduce the time in the air if the device is at a short distance and lengthen it -achieving greater penetration- if it is far away or with interference

The conditions to be analyzed for the installation of Caravan Tech are divided into the following categories.

    • Connectivity
      • The LoRaWAN gateway that caravan tech provides in the set up fee requires an internet connection. It can be provided in the following ways
        • Ethernet connection (recommended)
        • Cellular
        • Wi-Fi connection, point to point
        • Satellite connection
      • Power
        • The LoRaWAN gateway requires a constant power supply to ensure its operation. The consumption of the gateway (depends on the model) is around 25w in 220v. Power can be provided in the following ways
          • AC to POE (Power over Ethernet) 110v-220v
          • DC (12v-24v), Cars vans and trucks
          • Solar energy + batteries (in set up Fee proposal)
        • Physical space
      • Caravan Tech recommends that the installation of the LoRaWAN gateway of the set up fee, is carried out respecting the following guidelines.
        • Height Installation
          • The recommended height for antenna installation is 30 meters or 60 feet
          • . The higher the gateway is installed, the better its performance. Installing the antenna below the recommended heights can lower its performance
        • Line of sight
          • When installing the gateway in the physical space, its antenna must be free of obstructions in front of the space that you want to monitor with the Caravan devices Tech. Having the antenna covered with something can weaken or even cancel its signals
        • Positioning of the antennas
          • The instructions of the manufacturer of each of the Gateways must be respected to ensure optimal performance of the device

Access to the account will be limited, thus not being able to track the animals/devices. The information will also continue to be stored so that it is not lost

Yes, Caravan Tech does not share your personal data with any entity, does not store it and does not have access to it

Yes, the devices are transferable between system users. Once an animal is transferred, its history is also transferred on the same animal form.

To carry out the transfer of animals, in the current version of the web application, it must be carried out with the help of Caravan Tech support.

Yes, the animal can be tracked by using a mobile gateway in transport. Transports that use a metal enclosure can weaken or nullify the signal from the devices. This can affect both the GPS signal and the connectivity between devices and the Gateway. In the event that a third-party Caravan Tech is within range of the devices, they could communicate through it.

No, there is a minimum number of devices.

The correct maintenance of the system is a shared responsibility between the client and Caravan Tech. Its conditions will be specified in the Set Up Fee proposal after the survey.