The Caravan Tech Ecosystem

The Caravan Tech ecosystem sensors transmit information through a proprietary LoRaWan (Long Range Wide Area Network) antenna network and state of the art communication technologies, allowing for the flexibility required in today’s environment. The information is presented in real time through the Caravan Tech Software and App.

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    The sensors continuously transmit data to the network system.

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    The system organizes and sends data to the cloud optimizing energy usage.

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    CARAVAN TECH processes all the data received in the cloud and translates it into useful information that can be accessed in an intuitive and friendly manner by the rancher and his team through the app and software.

Our IOT devices

The Caravan Tech collection of sensors includes the ear tag and ruminal bolus. These devices can operate in the animal to collect and share essential information relating to the cattle vital signs, weight variations and location.  Additional sensors are installed in the livestock watering systems, fuel tanks, barn gates, fences, vehicles and horses to provide a fully integrated monitoring system utilizing an information technology solution for livestock and agricultural management operations.

Caravan Ear Tags

Similar in its design to a traditional ear tag, Caravan Tech incorporates state of the art technology, which continuously provides each animal’s geolocation, allowing them to be traced throughout their life span. Information collected by the Caravan Ear Tag allows for the monitoring of the livestock movements, patterns and feeding habits. Additionally, it provides detailed behavioral analysis of the entire herd, including the bull’s activity.

Intraruminal Bolus

Implanted orally in the rumen, this device will collect and transmit data through the entire lifespan of the cattle. This device collects and transmits vital data parameters of the animal through biosensors. This data is processed and translated into useful management information, such as vital signs, body temperature, early warning of the heat cycle, water consumption data and feeding patterns, among others.

This device provides measurements of water levels in livestock drinking systems. When the water levels fall below an acceptable level or overflows, the sensor communicates the issue. Additionally, the system provides up to date information on the daily average water consumption of the herd.

This device monitors doors and windows of warehouses, houses, barns and sheds for security purposes. Alerts can be linked to different members of the team.

This device can be installed in a wide variety of vehicles and machinery on the property. It provides continuous data on the vehicle’s geolocation and usage patterns. It has an emergency system which allows the user to request immediate assistance in the event of an accident or other critical situations.

This device monitors the fuel tank levels. Alerts issued by these devices can also be linked to specific members of the team and vehicles to keep a detailed track record of supplies, users and consumption averages.

 Is an instant messaging App that can be accessed and used from any device including cell phones, tablets and computers. It works without cellular coverage, allowing for each member of the team to be connected with each other at all times.

This is a device placed on the neck of the animal, which provides information regarding the horses current and historic locations.

These devices are installed in the gates and fences of the property. Allowing the continuous monitoring of the movement of people and assets around the farm creating  historical records.

These devices can be installed in strategic locations around the farm, allowing the staff and their families to access and activate them in case of an emergency.