The Caravan Tech Ecosystem is a technological integrated solution for the continuous and remote monitoring of agricultural and livestock operations. Caravan Tech has designed a collection of sensors, including cattle ear tags and ruminal boluses which collect and transmit data to a system that then processes this data and translates it into useful information for the management team. Geolocation, animal behavioral patterns, alerts and optimization of resources are some of the data features provided by our system.

Caravan Tech connectivity solution

The Caravan Tech ecosystem sensors transmit information through a proprietary LoRaWan (Long Range Wide Area Network) antenna network and state of the art communication technologies, allowing for the flexibility required in today’s environment. The information is presented in real time through the Caravan Tech Software and App.

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Our IOT devices

The Caravan Tech sensors collection includes the Caravan Ear Tag´s and Ruminal Bolus, which can be connected to each other or used independently. These devices are installed in the animal to collect and and share essential information relating to its vital signs, weight changes and location.  Additional sensors are installed in the livestock watering systems, fuel tanks, barn gates, palisades, vehicles and horses to provide a fully integrated monitoring system and information technology solution for livestock and agricultural management operations.

  • Caravan Ear Tags and Intraruminal Bolus
    Caravan Ear Tags and Intraruminal Bolus
  • Vehicle Tracker
    Vehicle Tracker
  • Horse Collar
    Horse Collar
  • Watering System Sensor
    Watering System Sensor
  • Fuel tank sensor
    Fuel tank sensor
  • Palisades Sensor
    Palisades Sensor
  • Door and Window Sensor
    Door and Window Sensor
  • Caravan Chat
    Caravan Chat
  • Emergency Button
    Emergency Button
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Friendly intuitive Software and App

The information collected by the sensors is automatically and continuously transmitted to the Caravan Tech software. The management team can then access this information in the dashboards of the system in a simplified manner at any time and in any place within the property, across all its communication devices, including smartphones, iPads and personal computers even without internet connection. Caravan Chat allows for all members of the management team to stay connected and interact with one another, even without cellular coverage.

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